Professional Ballet

Professional program

The Yen Han Dance Center is proud to offer a full professional program to its students. 

The school provides all of its students with a strong ballet foundation from a young age. All classes are designed to build upon each other and students progress through the levels while consistently building their proficiency in ballet. Students who possess the aptitude and the interest can then, after progressing through the introductory levels, audition to join the professional program offered by the school. 

The professional program of the Yen Han Dance Center offers students a number of different avenues to continue their dance training. On the one hand, the school is affiliated with the Kunst und Sport (K+S) Gymnasium of the Canton of Zurich, which allows students to obtain their Matura (high school diploma) while also having enough time to study a particular form of art or sport professionally. Our teachers are registered with Danse Suisse and officially approved for teaching the K+S program. Students who have been admitted to the K+S Gymnasium attend our professional training classes every day, which consist of intensive training units as well as the preparation for annual exams.


In addition, the Yen Han Dance Center also welcomes students intending to embark on a professional dance career - but who are not part of the K+S program - to audition to join its professional classes. In order to allow them to continue their academic education alongside their dance training, scheduling flexibility will be provided by the school. 

Students enrolled in the professional program of the Yen Han Dance Center can profit from a multitude of advantages designed to offer unique possibilities to further their training. Over the past years, the Yen Han Dance Center has built a high-quality professional training program encompassing all aspects required to build an impressive skillset as a dancer. Furthermore, by virtue of being associated with the Yen Han Ballet Company, a company with far-reaching national and international perspectives, numerous opportunities are available to students that would otherwise not be found in a ballet school. 

The Yen Han Dance Center strongly believes that regular performances challenge students and are essential to their professional training. As such, an annual performance schedule for its professional classes will allow the students to hone their skills on stage. Performances will include pieces choreographed especially for our students as well as further pieces from a general repertoire. 

As a dancer, it is a unique experience to work directly with a choreographer who creates a part for you personally. This is an opportunity usually only accessible to few during the course of their career and allows for a dancer to progress in his or her development in great measure. We consider ourselves highly privileged to be able to offer this to our students. Working so closely with the world-renowned choreographers associated with the Yen Han Ballet Company while being continuously assessed by them during training is an exceptional advantage for our students. 

Performances will be held regularly in the premises of Yen Han Ballet Productions in Küsnacht, Switzerland. The Yen Han Dance Center has unique access to this exceptional performance venue and as such can schedule regular appearances there. In addition, students may be offered the chance to perform with the Yen Han Ballet Company on tours undertaken by the company. Performing alongside the experienced and highly skilled dancers in the Yen Han Ballet Company will further the students' training and offers them the unparalleled benefit of being regularly exposed to and coached by these experts in their field. 

After having completed the Yen Han Dance Center professional program, students will have been trained in all areas of classical dance and be prepared to audition for and be accepted into dance companies around the world. As the school is associated with the Yen Han Ballet Company, students possessing the necessary technique, skills and aptitude may audition for the Yen Han Ballet Company. Being accepted into this prestigious ballet company will allow them to move seamlessly from their training into beginning their professional careers.