New Schedule, New Classes

Welcome back!

As the summer break comes to an end, the Yen Han Dance Center resumes its activities. In 2018/19 we continue to offer you our popular mix of classical ballet classes for children and grown-ups, modern dance, open classes and fitness courses. Please check out when your class is on here.

You should also have a look at our new classes which we offer this season.

Come to See Our School Performances!

Our annual school performances take place in Zumikon on 12 and 13 May.

Every year, the Yen Han Dance Center accounts for its work in a comprehensive stage spectacle. This time, it takes place on Saturday, 12 May at 15:00, and Sunday, 13 May at 13:00 in Gemeindesaal Zumikon.

135 of our school’s students - from the Baby to Adult Classes - dance to music from “Coppélia”, “La Bayadère” and others.

Special guest: concert pianist Kateryna Tereshchenko

Tickets will be on sale
at the Yen Han Dance Center:
Wed 9 May, 13:30-15:30
Thu 10 May, 13:00-14:45

at Gemeindesaal Zumikon:
Fri 11 May, 15:00-19:00
and 1.5h before each show