Yen Han Dance Center October Workshop

When: Oktober 5-9 and Oktober 12-16
Register: E-Mail or 076 421 2818

Group I
Witikon and Küsnacht School: 7-9 years/ 10.00-12.30
Ballet, and Character Dance
CHF 250 per week

Group II
Küsnacht School: 10-15 years/ 13.00-17.00
Ballet, Classic Repertoire, Character Dance and Modern Dance
CHF 350 per week

Ballet : Yen Han, Natalia Snezina
Character Dance: Natalia Snezina
Modern Dance: Alice White

Professional program

The Yen Han Dance Center is proud to offer a full professional program to its students. 

The school provides all of its students with a strong ballet foundation from a young age. All classes are designed to build upon each other and students progress through the levels while consistently building their proficiency in ballet. Students who possess the aptitude and the interest can then audition to join the professional program which offers unique possibilities to further their training. 

The high-quality professional training program encompasses all aspects required to build an impressive skillset as a dancer. On the one hand, the school is affiliated with the Kunst und Sport (K+S) Gymnasium of the Canton of Zurich. In addition, the Yen Han Dance Center also welcomes students intending to embark on a professional dance career - but who are not part of the K+S program - to audition to join its professional classes. 

Furthermore, by virtue of being associated with the Yen Han Ballet Company, a company with far-reaching national and international perspectives, numerous opportunities are available to students that would otherwise not be found in a ballet school. An annual performance schedule will allow the students to hone their skills on stage. Performances will include pieces choreographed especially for our students as well as further pieces from a general repertoire. 

After having completed the Yen Han Dance Center professional program, students will have been trained in all areas of classical dance and be prepared to audition for and be accepted into dance companies around the world. Students possessing the necessary technique, skills and aptitude may audition for the Yen Han Ballet Company. Being accepted into this prestigious ballet company will allow them to move seamlessly from their training into beginning their professional careers.

Relaxation of the guidelines from June 6th

We look forward to the relaxation of the guidelines from June 6th!

  • Cloakrooms and showers may be used again.
  • The social distancing distance of 2 meters is eliminated.
  • Parents can stay in the lobby again during the class and do not have to say goodbye to the children at the door.

The only rule that everyone still has to adhere to is the disinfection of the hands upon arrival and adored of the ballet school.

Fitness room

You can now also use the fitness room (in Küsnacht). Our gym is now also available to our students, parents and dancers. User fee CHF 10.- per hour.