Modern Dance Workshop mit Jorge Garcia Pérez

Teilnehmer des Workshops haben die Gelegenheit, für die Aufführung am letzten Tag ein individuelles Stück an sich choreographieren zu lassen

28-31 Dezember/ 13.30-15.30/ ab 11 Jahren
Kosten: sfr. 250

28-31th Dezember/ 10.30-12.30 / Erwachsene
Kosten: sfr. 250

Lokation: Freihofstrasse 20, Küsnacht

Jorge Garcia Pérez

Jorge was born in Zaragoza and already by the age of 9 began his dance career at the prestigious dance School María de Ávila under the direction of María de Ávila and Lola de Ávila in Spain.

He began his professional dance career in Sybaa Ballet, season 2003-2004, and the year after he moves into Malandain Ballet Biartitz II for the season 2004-2005.
In 2005 Heinz Spoerli offers him a contract for the Junior Ballet at the Opera House in Zürich after winning the Gold Medal at Premio Roma International Dance Competition. One year later he will be promoted to Demi-soloist becoming Soloist the season after at the Zürcher Ballett.
He moved on in 2008 to work for the Ballett Theater Basel as a Soloist Dancer under the direction of Richard Wherlock.

In 2011 the dancer premiered as a choreographer creating “Match[ing] Sounds” and winning the first prize of the Jugendförderpreis des Sperber Kollegiums in Switzerland.
Since then he has been building his own repertory winning several international prizes as a young choreographer in Cross Connection International Choreographic Competition, Hanover International Choreographic Competition, Bugos-New York International Choreographic Competition and Emergent Choreographers Contest.

During all those years he has also worked and created his own choreographic work for companies such as Staatstheater Mainz, Stephen Delattre Dance Company, San Francisco Ballet, Konzert Theater Bern, Ballet del Sur de Bahía Blanca, Elephant in the Black Box, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Compañía Nacional de Danza de Madrid and Ballett Theater Basel.

Since 2016, he is the Artistic Director at Carta Blanca Dance, a dance company which he has founded together with Permi Jhooti in Basel, Switzerland.

In March of 2020 and due to the Covid-19 world pandemic he founds together with Rubén Cabaleiro DanceLive Europe. A live and online platform offering free online lessons worldwide for professional dancers that in this times of crisis had to stay home and in need of online training. Also providing of performances and many different event and becoming the first online platform in the world offering live and online international gala performances.